Clicking, Popping, Locking

Jaw Pain, Clicking, Ringing in The Ears, and Bad Migraine Can Be Symptoms of TMJ

TMJ Jaw clicking Beverly Hills

Clicking and Popping

When your jaw is not in the proper position, often it can causes the TMJ disk to be displaced and the joint spaces to be closed. As a result you may experience Clicking or Popping upon opening or closing your mouth. The clicking may happen during daily activities such as eating, yawning, or biting into a sandwich.

Locked Jaw

In extreme cases the displacement of the disk may cause the jaw to lock after a wide opening of the mouth and the patient may not be able to close his or her mouth. This is a serious condition and if left untreated will continue to deteriorate. Should you experience a locked jaw, you need to contact Dr. Eddie Siman, the TMJ expert ASAP.

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